Ha Ji Won Awards

  • 2010 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress – Drama Special (Secret Garden)
  • 2010 SBS Drama Awards Netizen Popularity Award
  • 2010 SBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
  • 2010 SBS Drama Awards Top Ten Stars Award (Secret Garden)
  • 2010 The 46th Baeksang Awards: Best Actress (Closer to Heaven)
  • 2009 Best Actress 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards (Closer to Heaven)
  • 2009 Most Popular Stars (인기스타상) 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards
  • 2009 Best Actress 5th Korean University Films Festival
  • 2006 KBS Drama Highest Award (Hwang Jin Yi)
  • 2006 KBS Best Couple Award with Jang Geun Suk (Hwang Jin Yi)
  • 2006 KBS Netizen Award
  • 2004 Baeksang Awards Best Actress (Something Happened in Bali)
  • 2001 Baeksang Awards Best New Actress Secret
  • 2000 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Secret
  • 2000 Blue Dragon Awards Best Supporting Actress (Ditto)
  • 2000 Daejong Film Awards Best New Actress (Truth Game)
  • 2000 Pusan Film Critics Assn. Awards Best New Actress (Truth Game)

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Ha Ji Won TV Dramas

  • Secret Garden (SBS/2010) – Gil Ra Im
  • Hwang Jin-Yi (KBS2/2006) – Hwang Jin-Yi
  • Something Happen in Bali (SBS/2004) – Lee Soo Jung
  • Damo (MCB/2003) – Chae Ok
  • Life is Beautiful (KBS2/2001) – Yoo Hee Jung
  • Secret (2000) – Lee Ji Eun
  • School 2 (KBS/1999) – Lee Ji Eun

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Ha Ji Won Movies

  • Hi Anna(2011)
  • Korea (2011)
  • Sector 7 (2011)
  • Closer To Heaven (2010) Ji Soo
  • Haeundae (2009)Kang Yeon Hee
  • Babo (2008)Ji-Ho
  • His Last Gift (2009)Cameo
  • Sex is Zero 2 (2007)
  • Miracle on 1st street (2007)Myung Ran
  • My Lovely Week (2005)Cameo
  • Duelist (2005)Namsoon
  • Daddy Long Legs (2005)Cha Young Mi
  • Love So Divine (2004)Yang Bong Hee
  • 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (2004)Kang Ha Young
  • Reversal Of Fortune (2003) Ha Ji Young
  • Sex Is Zero (2002)Lee Eun Hyo
  • Phone (2002) Ji Won
  • Nightmare(2000)Eun Joo
  • Ditto(2000)Seo Hyun Ji
  • Truth Game(2000)Han Da Hye

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Ha Ji Won Biography

Ji-won Ha, born as Hae-rim Jeon on June 28, 1979 in Seoul, South Korean, is a famous actress & singer. She came from a large family of six (including her parents, 2 sisters, and one brother). Ji-won Ha is the second youngest child in her family and her younger brother Tae-su Jeonis also an actor.

She started in the entertainment industry, after a talent agency offered to sign her to a contract. Ji-won Ha considered the offer with her mother and eventually agreed. The contract also required that Ji-won Ha go to college and major in theater. She also had to mime as a dolphin during auditions. In 1997, Ji-won Ha made her acting debut in the KBS drama “Sinsedaebogo 100hui Teukjib” and continued to act in small supporting roles for several more dramas. With 1999’s KBS series “School 2,” Ji-won started to gain the attention of drama fans.

In 2000, Ji-won Ha made her feature film acting debut in the film “Truth Game” playing the role of a fan club president. Her performance would garner Ji-won the best new actress award at the 2000 Grand Bell Awards. Two years later, Ji-won Ha would land the starring role in the box-office hit “Sex Is Zero,” a film that would sell 4.2 million tickets during its theatrical run.

For the following year in 2003, Ji-won Ha would take the starring role in the MBC drama “Damo: The Legendary Police Woman” – a unique action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty period. “Damo: The Legendary Police Woman” became so popular in Korea that a new expression “Damo Pain” (다모페인) was coined in reference to all the fans crazy about the drama series. Ji-won Ha would reveal later in a 2009 interview with KBS2 TV that her most cherished performance is “Damo: The Legendary Police Woman,” due to the fans she gained from that series and that performance opening the door for coveted future roles.

In 2003, Ji-won Ha would also release her first and so far only album to date “Home Run.”

Ji-won’s next performance in the 2004 SBS drama “Something Happened In Bali,” turned into another hit with the series revealing a surprise ending that became a hot topic for its audience. Over the next few years Ji-won Ha would appear in a succession of romantic-comedy films: “Reversal of Fortune,” “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant,”Love So Divine,” and “Daddy-Long-Legs.” Ji-won would also star in the popular 2006 KBS2 historical drama “Hwang Jin-yi,” which recorded a high 29% viewership rating.

Since that time, Ji-won Ha has branched off into various roles for feature films. She has also picked up the reputation for picking challenging roles, as she learned advanced aerobics for the film “Sex Is Zero,” Sunmudo (Korean martial arts) for the film “Duelist,” and boxing for the film “Miracle on 1st Street” (in which she filmed the boxing scenes herself).

In 2009, Ji-won will appear in the big budget disaster film “Haeundae” and the drama film “Closer to Heaven,” involving a romance between a man afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (played by Myeong-min Kim) and a funeral home employee (played by Ji-won Ha).

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May 29 2011

Woah I saw my blog this day. I miss it super 😐 That’s why I’ll update this. This day I really really want to meet my super duper idol and that is Ha Ji Won, but I think its impossible because Im here in the Philippines and She’s in Korea 😐 I can’t go to Korea because I’m just a College student, I dont have money to go there. I really hope someday that I can work and live in Korea. Goodnight WORDPRESS see you tomorrow 😀 I have lots of stories to tell to you about my dream, idol, my appereance and many many more.

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Ha Ji Won Profile

Name: Ha Ji-Won
Korean Name: 하지원
Birth Name: Jeon Hae-Rim 전해림 (田海林, 全海琳)
Chinese Name: 河智苑 (河智媛, 夏智元)
Birthdate: 1978-June-28
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Vital Statistics: 33-23-33
Blood type: A
Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger brother, younger sister
Hobbies: Horse riding, Hap Ki Do, Jazz Dancing, Swimming, Kum Do, Working out at the gym
Favorite color: Blue

Brother’s Name: Jeon Tae Su

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feb 02, 2010

wii kmi kinikiLig for shannen

because …

– gizeLLe and shannen had a deaL ,, shannen wiLL stare and carL ,when she do that, gizeLLe wiLL talk to kia for what happen to them .. so they deaL to each other,  germaine and i caLL carL so shannen wiLL stare at carL,  a seconds Later(i think)  we saw carl wave his hand to …. i dont know for whom is that but we sure its for shannen =) we’re insuLting shannen that her day is compLete because carL wave at her =)) it is the memorabLe day for shannen i think =)

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Freaky Friday

i watched it yesterday(sunday) .. for me it was very awesome, because the story is aLL about mother and daughter .. at first i didn’t think that she’s Lindsay Lohan, but in my mind she was very familiar to me .. so i researched about it about 1 hour ago =) .. i seek about her but i found out that lindsay lohan is a lesbian ? i dont think so because she was very beautiful .. but some says that’s. even im disappointed im fan of her even though she’s Like that =)

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AF-K 11 (my group)

being highschool life, all of us has different characteristics, some of them are nerdy, some are outcast, and the best some of them are very funny. my cLasmates says that we wiLL have a group, so they think that our group wiLL call “AF-K11” it means




K ..

number 11 signify that we’re eleven in our group.. for us K has different meaning..

here’s the members :

Marian Celeste – Away From K-aLokohan

Shannen Gabasa – Away From K-aechosan ..

Germaine Del Moro – Away From

Krizzia Andaya

Marian Rances – Away From K-atarayan

GizeLLe PaLma – Away From K-apLastikan

Rose Ann Dorington – Away From

Jessca Inocando – Away From K-aepaLan

GeLLyn Inocencio – Away From Kalandian

Caroline Lea – Away From K-

Samantha Sanchez – Away From K-

i forgot the other K but i wiLL update my bLog =)

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whoah! i miss bLogging! BTW this is my first blog this 2010 =) its very Long time that i didn’t bLog, start when i pLayed RO.. .. now i know that my crush (Justin Bieber) is a gay! i was shocked about that .. but anyways sorry for the very very Late HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL =) ..

my new YEARS resoLutions are :

• Not so much addicted to RO

• HeLp my brothers and sisters assignments

• Be PATIENCE! to aLL cause i have short temper =)

• sLeep earLy

• DO assignment before pLaying computer

• try to save money

i dont know if aLL of that wiLL come true .. iLL try my best to make my new years resoLution not be broken =)

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★ princess ★

i love animes and musics .. i have many dreams that i think it might not may come true .. my khambal in our clasroom inspire me to make stories and to read fictions .. not only my khambal but also fhaye and germaine :D

★castle stats ★

★ princess story ★

★ princess update ★


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